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About FICPI Canada

History and Structure of FICPI Canada

The international organization (FICPI) was established in 1906, but the Canadian Association (FICPI Canada) came into existence only in 1976. Prior to that date, FICPI had accepted Canadian members on an individual basis.

FICPI Canada is governed by its Constitution which requires the election of an executive Council. At present, the Council consists of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two council members and a Past-President. These officers are elected for three-year terms.

FICPI Canada sends a Delegate and a Sub-Delegate to sit on the international Executive Committee (ExCo) of FICPI. The Canadian members therefore have a say in the decisions of the international group.


Serving Member Interests

Within Canada, FICPI Canada serves the interests of its members by informing and commenting on domestic and international legislation governing intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, plant breeders' rights, circuit topography protection, etc.), by advising of business topics to managers and owners of professional firms, by providing training for new entrants to the profession, and by arranging for meetings and seminars where the members may meet and discuss topics of interest.


FICPI Canada and the international FICPI organization

FICPI has members in 86 countries/regions throughout the world. FICPI members are organized in National Associations or in Sections. FICPI also has Individual members for any country/region where a national organization or Section does not exist as yet.

National Associations, such as FICPI Canada, are autonomous organizations, with their own statutes, and are self-governing with respect to the admission of new members, who thereby automatically become members of FICPI.

Apart from various internal meetings, which are by invitation only, FICPI holds a World Congress every three years for FICPI members only, and OPEN Fora in the intervening two years between each World Congress, for FICPI members as well as participants from industry, governmental and legislative bodies and other interested parties.

A tripartite group consisting of the National Associations of FICPI Canada and FICPI UK, and the National Section of USA, holds an annual FICPI ABC CONFERENCE, to which FICPI members are invited.

More information on FICPI can be found at the international FICPI About page.


Current Council Members

President: Coleen Morrison

Vice-President: Stephen Perry

Secretary: S. Serge Shahinian

Treasurer: Louis-Pierre Gravelle

Councilor: Anna Wilkinson

Webmaster: Anil Bhole


FICPI Canada Constitution (pdf)


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